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Connections Newsletter: Spring-Summer 2022


  1. Dr. Hanping Wang
    Aquaculture Program Leader 


  1. By Bradford Sherman 
    CFAES/South Centers

  2. By Bradford Sherman
    CFAES/South Centers

    Pursue new opportunities. Do not be afraid to try something new and fail.

  3. By Bradford Sherman
    CFAES/South Centers


  1. Two new faces have joined the CFAES Center for Cooperatives team in recent months. Joining Program Director Hannah Scott are new Program Coordinator Samantha (Sam) Black and most recently new Program Specialist Melissa Whitt.

    Melissa Whitt 

  2. By Hannah Scott
    CFAES Center for Cooperatives Program Director 


  1. By Gary Gao, Professor and Extension Specialist
    Ryan Slaughter, Research Assistant
    Paul O’Bryant, Research Assistant

  2. Guess who just got back today? Them honey bees that’d been away.


  1. By Bradford Sherman
    CFAES/South Centers

  2. By Christie Welch
    Direct Food and Agricultural Marketing Team Leader