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College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences


Research and International Activities

Research Highlights:

Soil and Water Quality

  • USDA-Integrated Water Quality Grant- An integrate approach to foster science-based management of agricultural drainage channels in the western Lake Erie basin
  • United Soybean Board (USB)Grant- Development of integrated management systems for improving soybean productivity in marginal soil
  • Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference-Continuous No-Till and Cover Crops Effect on Reactive Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching from Manure Applied Fields under Corn-Soybean Rotation
  • North Central Region SARE Professional Development- Training professionals on sustainable agriculture for enhanced ecosystems services from the ground up
  • Corn Marketing Program of Michigan- Developing farmer friendly tools for predicting soil organic matter in a sustainable corn-based bioenergy feedstock system

BioEnergy Materials

  • DOE/NorthEast Sun Grant-Growing perennial grasses for biofuels on marginal land amended with municipal waste biosolids and flue gas desulfurization gypsum
  • Guayule (Latex and Biomatterial) Experiment

Organic Agriculture

  • Ceres Trust- Maximizing ecosystem services of the soil food web in organic farming systems
  • USDA Organic Transition Grant- Assessing, modeling, and maximizing ecosystem services in long-term organic and transitioning farming systems

Additional Projects and Trials

  • Native Warm Season Pernnial Grass BioEnergy Experiment 1999-present
  • Hybrid Willow Tree Variety Trial
  • Miscanthus Trials
  • Giant Reed Grass (arundo donax)
  • Continuous Cover Cropping & Tillage Experiment