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Soil Compaction Meter
By measuring soil compaction we are better able to understand how heavy equipment can affect crop yields

Soil Water & BioEnergy




To develop and promote research, extension and educational programs for agricultural management practices that sustain soil and water resources and are economical for producers and growers.

Our Team:

Our team for the Soil, Water, and BioEnergy program at OSU South Centers consist of scientists, and engineers with a diverse background, as well as a strong background in research and extension activities.  Dr. Rafiq Islam, is leading the program for the Soil, Water, & BioEnergy team.  We currently have 8 grant research projects on agriculture sustainability, climate change and mitigation, and ecosystem services.  Other team members include: Thom Harker, Wayne Lewis, Mohammad Arifur Rahman, Bradford Sherman, and Sarah Swanson.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Rafiq Islam about any questions concerning our program.