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  1. Ohio farmers’ markets increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) redemption by offering incentives

    ... the week. At Clintonville on Saturdays, we have a couple of people who split their mornings between us and Worthington FM, taking full ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2015/08/10 - 8:51am

  2. 2014 Soil, Water, and Bioenergy Resources Program Achievements

    ... was developed at the OSU South Centers several years ago. People from around the world have purchased our express soil quality test kit ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2015/02/16 - 9:35am

  3. Business Development Network Updates

    ... wood furniture manufacturing, employed approximately 47,200 people, created $4 billion of labor income, and produced outputs of ...

    sherman1473 - 2018/05/15 - 1:55pm

  4. Developing the Ohio hops and malting barley industry

    ... partnership with the Ohio Hop Growers Guild, where over 500 people participated in all-day tours of nine commercial hop farms throughout ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2015/08/10 - 9:16am

  5. Getting Started

    ... money on a small scale.  However, we have seen success with people starting small and growing their business.  We recommend careful ...

    moose14 - 2016/04/28 - 2:32pm