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  1. Grants

    ... information to anyone you don’t know. Scammers pressure people to divulge their bank account information so that they can steal the ...

    carter1094 - 2015/08/12 - 10:32am

  2. Dr. Hanping Wang honored by Fisheries Advance Magazine of China

    ... and global aquaculture and fisheries news and influential people in aqua-related fields. The magazine selects an individual to be ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2017/06/14 - 3:52pm

  3. Endeavor Center and Small Business Development Center

    ... available for lease.  Our smallest room will accommodate 12 people, the medium room up to 30 and the large room will seat 75 comfortably. ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2016/04/25 - 9:43am

  4. Urban Agriculture

    ... opportunity to provide fresh vegetables and fruits to people who live in areas that may be lacking full-service grocery stores where ...

    moose14 - 2013/10/30 - 11:21am

  5. Horticulture Products

    ... Eligible plants must be intensively cultivated and used by people for food, medicinal purposes, and/or aesthetic gratification to be ...

    fox264 - 2015/07/29 - 10:38am

  6. Nutrition & Feed

    ... billion to about 8.2 billion by 2030. Feeding all of these people and eliminating hunger will require advances in feed and food ...

    Yao63 - 2015/06/04 - 4:43pm

  7. Industry and Researcher Round Table on the Future of Food Fish/Shrimp Production in Ohio

    ... Extension Aquaculture Specialist Approximately 40 people joined Ohio State University’s (OSU) round table to discuss ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2018/02/21 - 8:56am

  8. Research, Education, and Extension Collaboration between the Ohio State University South Centers and Jiamusi Branch of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    ... with Alan Sundermeier from Ohio State University visited the People’s Republic of China at the invitation of the Chinese National Academy ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2016/10/28 - 3:31pm

  9. Super Berry and Wine Grape Workshop on March 18th in Piketon

    ... had a very good turnout for the program, with quite a few people driving several hours to get to the event.  Ohio Department of ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2016/04/25 - 2:03pm

  10. Team Academic Resources

    ... help make your job easier by quickly linking you to valuable people and professional publications. Why? Because outsider assistance ...

    moose14 - 2013/11/26 - 12:42pm