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  1. The Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon Contracts with the University of Rio Grande

    ... business and education topics ranging from interviewing people from small businesses, personnel from business support organizations, ... 1:00 to 1:30 p.m.     Business Talk – Focuses on people from different small businesses; personnel from small business support ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2015/06/22 - 3:46pm

  2. Duane Rigsby

    ... his ability to talk and interact with a wide variety of people regardless of their level of expertise, Duane has a way of making them ... nominator wrote. “And although he is one of the busiest people I know, he makes each person feel like he has plenty of time to assist ...

    sysadmin - 2016/08/03 - 4:34pm

  3. Developing the Ohio hops and malting barley industry

    ... programs and field days in 2015, reaching over 2,000 people interested in learning more about the hop and malting barley research ... with the Ohio Hop Growers Guild,, where over 500 people participated in all-day tours of ten commercial hop farms throughout ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2016/02/10 - 5:02pm

  4. Endeavor Center and Small Business Development Center

    ... at the University of Rio Grande. Guests include a variety of people representing educational, business development, community and ... and Internet Radio, over 178 countries and over 55,000 people have listened or viewed to one of the archived shows. With the ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2016/07/29 - 10:19am

  5. Container Fruit Production May Have Good Potential in Ohio

    ... nursery production experts, we reached out to a few people before we decided on the specifics of our container fruit production ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2016/07/29 - 10:13am

  6. Marketing to Corporations

    ... Businesses with in-house food service that serve 100 or more people per day are an example of this market.  Sometimes the cafeterias of ...

    moose14 - 2015/07/28 - 3:16pm

  7. Nutrition & Feed

    ... billion to about 8.2 billion by 2030. Feeding all of these people and eliminating hunger will require advances in feed and food ...

    Yao63 - 2015/06/04 - 4:43pm

  8. Industry and Researcher Round Table on the Future of Food Fish/Shrimp Production in Ohio

    ... Extension Aquaculture Specialist Approximately 40 people joined Ohio State University’s (OSU) round table to discuss ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2018/02/21 - 8:56am

  9. Endeavor Center and Small Business Development Center

    ... available for lease.  Our smallest room will accommodate 12 people, the medium room up to 30 and the large room will seat 75 comfortably. ...

    strausbaugh54 - 2016/04/25 - 9:43am

  10. Team Academic Resources

    ... help make your job easier by quickly linking you to valuable people and professional publications. Why? Because outsider assistance ...

    moose14 - 2013/11/26 - 12:42pm