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Active microbial biomass
Total microbial biomass-C (Microwave method)
Total microbial biomass-C (CHCl3 fumigation extraction)
Total microbial biomass-N (CHCl3 fumigation extraction)
Total microbial biomass-P (CHCl3 fumigation extraction)
(Total microbial biomass C, N and P combined)
Bacterial biomass
Fungal biomass
Microbial (basal) respiration
Specific maintenance respiration (qCO2)
Metabolic quotients of C (qR)
Microbial biomass death coefficient (qD)
Potentially mineralizable C and N
Ammonification and nitrification
Urease enzyme activity
Dehydrogenase enzyme activity
pH and soluble salts
Macro (P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and
micronutrients (Al, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mo, B) and others
CEC and base saturation
Active C
Active nitrogen
Active phosphorus
Total organic C and N 
Dissolved organic C
Dissolved organic N
Ammonium and nitrate
Total P
Dissolved/soluble reactive P
P Fractionations (7 to 8 fractions)
Particulate organic matter
Particulate organic C, N, and P
Total reducing sugars (glucose/others)
Humic & fulvic acid and humin C, N & P
Humification index (HI) of C
Humification rate (HR) of C
Degree of humification (DH) of C
Hot and normal extractable C, N and P
Aggregate protected/unprotected C, N and P
Aggregate associated C, N and P
SOM functional group analysis
Phosphorus sorption/desorption
Phosphorus sorption capacity
Degree of P saturation
Soil P sorption capacity
Bulk density
Total and water-filled porosity
Particle density
Moisture content
Moisture release curve 
Particle size analysis/Mechanical analysis (Texture)
Aggregate size distribution and stability
Mean weight/Geometric mean diameter
Hydraulic conductivity
Plant available water capacity
Hygroscopic moisture content
Field moisture capacity
Sample processing
Moisture content
Ash content
Macro (P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and
micronutrients (Al, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mo, B) and others
Total C and N 
Total P
Total sugars and lignin
Functional group analysis
Proximate analysis
Protein and amino acid profiling
Carbohydrate/glucose profiling
Carbon dioxide (CO2)  
Nitric oxide (N2O)
Methane (CH4)
Carbon dioxide/Methane/Nitrous oxide (combined)
Ammonia volatilization
pH and soluble salts
Nitrate and nitrite
Soluble reactive P
K, Ca, Mg, S, Al, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mo, B, Na, and heavy metals
Dissolved C, N and P 
Particulate organic C, N, and P
Dissolved reducing sugars (glucose/others)
Dissolved humic and fulvic acids
Dissolved oxygen
Biological oxygen demand
Chemical oxygen demand
Total dissolved solids
Total solids
Sand, silt and clay
Chlorophyll (a and b)
Dissolved greenhouse gases (CO2/CH4/N2O)


Our program conducts a variety of physical, chemical, & biological analyses on various agricultural samples from both internal and external sources for research purposes ONLY.

Our facilities are strictly for research purposes, we do not serve as an analytical laboratory.

This means:

  • That we DO NOT accept or analyze samples that are NOT part of a collaborative research effort.
  • Please do not send samples without first contacting our program.

If you wish to contact our program concerning sample analyses please feel free to send requests by calling, or emailing Dr. Rafiq Islam.