Connections Newsletter : 2015 Fall Edition


  1. By: Sarah Strausbaugh, Program Assistant   Recently, OSU South Centers Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Hanping Wang received recognition from PLOS ONE for his contributions to the journal as an Academic Editor. PLOS ONE has a high impact, being the world’s largest peer-reviewed science and medical journal published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS).   
  2. By: Brad Bergefurd, MS, Horticulture Specialist and Extension Educator  


  1. By: Ryan Mapes, Endeavor Center Manager and Business Development Network Program Leader   The Ohio Small Business Development Center held its annual conference this past month and two of our business counselors received awards. Melissa Carter received the Peer Recognition Award and Patrick Dengel received the Collaboration Award.  These awards are given annually to recognize the extraordinary efforts of SBDC counselors and staff across the State of Ohio. 
  2. By: Hannah Scott, OCDC Program Manager  
  3. Mick Whitt is the new Manufacturing Business Development Specialist for the MTSBDC. He holds a Machine Trades Certificate from Pickaway-Ross CTC, a Business Management Degree from Ohio Christian University, as well as having nearly 20 years of experience in a variety of manufacturing facilities in production support, quality control, and management.   Prior to Mick’s employment with OSU, he was a Quality Manager at a gray iron foundry that specialized in green sand molding.  
  4. By: Patrick Dengel, OSU - RIO Grande Collaboration Coordinator and Business Development Specialist   OSU-RIO collaboration broadcasts are multi-media (Radio, TV, YouTube and live Internet streaming) educational shows with a host of different topics that promote small businesses, business support organizations, programs at The Ohio State University South Centers, and educational programs at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College.  


  1. By Gary Gao, Ph.D., Extension Specialist and Associate Professor  


  1. By: Brad Bergefurd, MS, Horticulture Specialist and Extension Educator  


  1. By: Hannah Scott, OCDC Program Manager  


  1. By: Rafiq Islam, PhD, Soil and Water Specialist