Marketing to Corporations

Marketing to Corporations

Corporate campuses are seeing farm fresh food as an employee benefit and are offering local food options more than ever before. Businesses with in-house food service that serve 100 or more people per day are an example of this market.  Sometimes the cafeterias of large businesses can pay more than other institutions because the employee may pay more for featured local items.

To get started, contact the buyer or food service management company that runs the cafeteria. Check for requirements and minimum volumes. Offer a list of your products, how you can offer them (fresh, frozen, dried, or canned) and possible delivery schedules.


  • Higher price point than other institutions and you can move volume quickly.
  • Your farm may be featured with point of sale materials.
  • May also be able to advertise to cafeteria customers or set up a CSA pick-up site at the business.


  • May be hard to get connected initially with the buyer.
  • Farm may be required to carry additional liability insurance or third party food safety certifications.
  • May prefer that farms sell through regional distributors.