Endeavor Center Mission

The mission of the Ohio State University Endeavor Center is twofold.

Our primary mission is to provide new and emerging businesses with the resources and expertise they need to grow in a rapid and sustainable way so as to increase the economic vitality of the region. 

This assistance comes in four primary forms;

  • Access to professional, flexible office space
  • Access to expert, free, regular business counseling
  • Access to advanced technology and professional office equipment
  • Opportunities to network and learn from other successful small businesses

Our second mission is to operate the Endeavor Center as a true, successful, small business, providing

our customers (our business partners housed in the facility) with top rate service while maintaining the facilities in a sustainable, profitable manner.

We accomplish our first goal with our 27,000 square foot facility consisting of a wide variety of professionally furnished office spaces with multiple classroom and conference spaces available to host meetings, workshops and seminars.

Our second mission is met by our knowledgeable and accommodating staff, seeking to provide businesses with all the resources needed to be successful. In addition to the Endeavor Center staff business partners occupying the Endeavor Center have access to counselors from the Small Business Development Center, The International Trace Assistance Center, The Appalachian Partnership For Economic Growth Manufacturing expertise and the Entrepreneurial Signature Program for assistance in commercializing products, all housed within the facility.