Currants and Gooseberries

Currants and Gooseberries


Objectives(s) of currant and gooseberries research and education:   



Planned Scope of Research:   
Potential outcomes & significance of outcomes:    

Currant varieties include:  Consort, Tipania, Crusader, Primus, and Red Lake. 

Gooseberry varieties include:  Red George, Pixwell, Capivator, Hinnonaki Red, Invicta, and Poorman. 


Variety Evaluations

2011 Currant, Gooseberry and Jostaberry Trials


Production Information

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Pest Management
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Currant and Gooseberry Plant Suppliers

(partial list), Ontario Ministry of Ag, Food & Rural Affairs



Ribes Case Study with Branstrator Farms (pdf)
Ribes Final Report, October 2012 (pdf)


Diet and Health

Currants, USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Gooseberries, USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference