Blackberries & Raspberries

Blackberries and Raspberries

Objectives(s) of blueberry research and education:
Planned Scope of Research:   
Potential outcomes & significance of outcomes:         

Blackberry varities include:  Chester, Triple Crown, Navaho, Hull, Natchez, and four different Polish varieties. 

Raspberries varieties include: Prelude(red), Nova(red), Heritage (red), Caroline (red), Bristol (black), and Jewel (black).  


Variety Evaluations


Production Information


Diet and Health

Common Berries Fight Cancer As Well As Exotic Varieties, June 2010
Growing Berries for Optimum Health Benefits, March 2009


Primocane Blackberry Observation 2010

Red Raspberry Cultivar Evaluation 2010

Ohio Primocane Blackberry Observation Report 2007-2010 (pdf)