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Maxwell delivers collaborative research talk in Hawaii

By Dr. Rafiq Islam
SWBR Program Leader

Jordan Maxwell, one of the researchers in the Soil, Water, and Bioenergy Resources Program at The Ohio State University South Centers, participated in the 2020 World Aquaculture Society America Conference held February 10-12 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

She delivered a pair of presentations at the conference. One poster presentation was titled “Aquaponic System Impacts on Lettuce Yield and Quality” and disseminated our research findings of green leafy lettuce grown in a deep water culture aquaponic system using Nile tilapia and compared that data to a replicated hydroponics system. 

Our results indicated the lettuce production and quality was significantly higher in the aquaponic system compared to the traditional hydroponic system. 

She also gave an oral presentation titled “Building Educational Capacity Through Collaborative Aquaponics Extension Education,” an overview of the Ohio State University South Center’s history of collecting research data, demonstrating, and transferring unbiased research-based aquaponics knowledge to expand educational outreach capacity. 

Additionally, her collaborative research was part of a presentation delivered by Shib Pattadar, “Is Fish Quality Healthier in Aquaponics?” which was presented as part of the Aquaculture Engineering Society session. The goal was to evaluate whether the fish produced in U.S. aquaponics systems are as healthy and nutritionally enriched as imported fish.