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Aquaculture team publishes two papers in high impact journals

Dr. Hanping Wang
Aquaculture Program Leader

Aquaculture team members recently published two papers in high impact journals with Frontier, the fifth most-cited publisher among the 20 largest publishers in 2019. The first paper is about development of a Genomic Resource and Identification of Nucleotide Diversity of Yellow Perch by RAD (Restriction site Associated DNA) Sequencing, published by Frontier in Genetics in October 2019. 

In this study, we combined the advantage of longer sequence length in the MiSeq platform and higher throughput of the HiSeq platform to assemble the RAD-Seq contigs.  We applied the RAD-Seq for development of polymorphic Microsatellite and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers. The genetic markers we developed will benefit the yellow perch conservation, aquaculture genomics research, and breeding programs. 

The second paper is titled “Diet Supplemented With Synthetic Carotenoids: Effects on Growth Performance and Biochemical and Immunological Parameters of Yellow Perch,” published by Frontier in Physiology in August 2019. 

In this study, we found that growth and feed utilization are not affected by dietary supplementation of canthaxanthin. However, lycopene-supplemented diets revealed a positive effect on digestive enzymes activity and growth of yellow perch. Both carotenoids have a protective effect by its antioxidant activity, and enhance yellow perch immunity through upregulation of the immune-related gene. The findings are important for reducing stress in the yellow perch aquaculture industry.