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Connections Newsletter: Winter 2019 Achievements Edition


  1. By Dr. Hanping Wang
    Senior Scientist

  2. Dr. Hanping Wang and his team published two aquaculture books in 2018. The first book is Sex Control in Aquaculture, which was published in 2018 by Wiley-Blackwell after three years of planning, coordination, writing, and revising.

  3. By Dr. Hanping Wang
    Senior Scientist 


  1. (Editor’s Note: The following is the latest in a series of feature stories highlighting The Ohio State University South Centers Staff)

    By Bradford Sherman
    CFAES/OSU South Centers

    Wayne Lewis has seen it all, and then some.


  1. By Ryan Mapes
    Endeavor Center Manager

    The Endeavor Center operated at a 100% occupancy rate for most of 2018, however the new year brings some challenges and opportunities as the Endeavor Center is going through a period of slight transition. 

  2. By Kelly O’Bryant
    SBDC Export Assistance

  3. By Ryan Mapes
    Business Program Leader

  4. By Brad Bapst
    SBDC Director

  5. By Bradford Sherman
    CFAES/OSU South Centers

    For a glimpse of what the future of our educational programming might look like – watch this.


  1. By Hannah Scott
    Center for Cooperatives Program Manager


  1. By Dr. Gary Gao
    Extension Specialist and Associate Professor 

  2. By Brad Bergefurd, Thom Harker, Charissa Gardner, Wayne Lewis, Ryan Slaughter, Zach Zientek, and Becky Colon

  3. By Brad Bergefurd and Dr. Matt Davies


  1. By Christie Welch
    Direct Marketing Program Manager

    The Direct Food and Ag Marketing Team is focused on providing training, education, and technical assistance to Ohio’s food producers and marketers. 


  1. By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    Soil, Water, & Bioenergy Program Leader