Connections Newsletter : Winter 2016 Achievements Edition


  1. By Dr. Hanping Wang, Senior Scientist and Jordan Maxwell, Program Coordinator  
  2. By Dr. Hanping Wang, Senior Scientist  
  3. By Matthew A. Smith, Extension Aquaculture Specialist   


  1. By Hannah Scott, OCDC Program Manager

    2016 was an exciting year at the Ohio Cooperative Development Center (OCDC) at The Ohio State University South Centers! The center continued its mission of rural economic development by providing education and assisting cooperative businesses across Ohio and West Virginia.

    Cooperative Education Across the Region

  2. By Christie Welch, Direct Marketing Specialist   The Direct Agricultural Marketing Team had a great 2016 assisting Ohio’s farm markets, farmers’ markets, agritourism operators, and stakeholders. Some of the trainings provided included:   • Monthly webinars on a host of direct marketing topics that are archived on our website for viewing anytime, by anyone with an internet connection.  
  3. The Ohio State University Direct Agricultural Marketing Team is excited to once again, offer FREE marketing webinars once a month. Each month we have a new topic to discuss, with various educational presenters.   Each webinar begins at noon, and is approximately one hour in length. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter, and comment to other attendees. This is a great way to network and share valuable information with one and other.  
  4. By Ryan Mapes, Business Development Network Program Leader and Endeavor Center Manager  


  1. By Brad Bergefurd, Extension Horticulture Specialist  
  2. By Brad Bergefurd, Extension Horticulture Specialist

    Thanks to grants from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Vegetable and Small Fruit Research and Development Program, Ohio strawberry research and Extension education programs are increasing. Brad Bergefurd, Extension Educator & Horticulture Specialist, the projects Principle Investigator, is leading this strawberry research project to further support the growth of the expanding consumer demand for locally grown strawberries. 

  3. By Brad Bergefurd, Extension Horticulture Specialist   With the rapidly expanding acreage of Ohio hops being planted and the increased high demand from the Ohio craft brewing industry for locally grown hops, the Horticulture program began researching in 2016 the adoption of small-scale, mobile hop harvesting production options for Ohio growers.    
  4. By Brad Bergefurd, Extension Horticulture Specialist

  5. By Brad Bergefurd, Extension Horticulture Specialist

  6. Gary Gao, Ph.D., Extension Specialist and Associate Professor, OSU South Centers

  7. By Gary Gao, Ph.D., Extension Small Fruit Specialist and Associate Professor, OSU South Centers

    Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

    Ryan Slaughter, Research Assistant, OSU South Centers


  1. By Dr. Rafiq Islam, Soil Program Director

  2. Vinayak Shedekar, Research Associate

  3. By Yogendra Raut, Soil, Water and Bioenergy Resources

    Five research presentations were made at the American Society of Agronomy/Crop Science Society of America/Soil Science Society of America International meetings by Rafiq Islam, Yogendra Raut, and Vinayak S. Shedekar in Phoenix AZ, November 6 to 9, 2016.