Connections Newsletter : Connections Newsletter: Summer Edition 2017

  1. Staff from OSU South Centers will be at the 2017 Farm Science Review representing the various programs of the South Centers. 

    Aquaculture (Matthew A. Smith)
    Tuesday, September 19 at noon
    Basics of Recirculating Aquaculture
    Location: Small Farms Center Tent (corner of Corn Ave. and Beef St.)

    Wednesday, September 20 at 11:30 a.m. 
    Location: The Gwynne Conservation Area


  1. By Ryan Mapes, Endeavor Center Manager and Business Development Network Program Leader

    Open since 2005, the Ohio State University Endeavor Center, a 27,000 square foot mixed-used business incubator, has come to be recognized as a community leader in economic development as well as a business training and networking hub. The facility has a 2-part mission:


  1. By Ivory Harlow, Ohio Cooperative Development Center Program Specialist

    Cooperative businesses exist to serve members. Cooperative education must do the same– serve members, employees and students of cooperatives with relevant and timely information so that they can contribute effectively to their cooperative and the larger cooperative movement.

  2. By Ivory Harlow, Ohio Cooperative Development Center Program Specialist

    Pumpkins are the third largest fresh market vegetable produced in Ohio. More than 7,000 acres across the state are dedicated to pumpkin production. According to the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, consumer demand for specialty pumpkins has grown steadily in recent years, and future growth is forecasted. The thriving market for pumpkins provides Ohio growers an opportunity to sell locally grown pumpkins at a premium price. 


  1. Carillon Brewing Co. front of building

    By Christie Welch, Direct Agricultural Marketing Specialist 


  1. By Rafiq Islam, PhD, Soil Program Director

  2. Dr. Yilmaz Bayhan, a Tubitak senior postdoctoral fellow from Turkey, joined the Soil, Water and BioEnergy program in July. He is a professor in the Biosystems Engineering Department at Namik Kemal University in Tekirdag, Turkey.  Dr. Yilmaz has performed research on conservation tillage systems and no-till machinery. His one-year fellowship program involves studying long-term continuous no-till and multi-functional cover crop systems to maximize agroecosystem services in Turkey. He will conduct research based on continuous no-till and cover crop field experiments in Ohio.

  3. By Vinayak Shedekar, PhD, Soil Research Associate