Connections Newsletter : Connections Newsletter Summer Edition 2015


  1. By: Estefania James, MS, Program Assistant   The OSU South Centers was the venue of the last Aquaculture Boot Camp (ABC) program event. This workshop brought together around 50 new and advanced aquaponics farmers from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and New Jersey.   


  1. By: Gary Gao, PhD, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor and Ryan Slaughter, Research Assistant  


  1. What do Ohio brewers produce in a year?  Ten years ago, you could count all the Ohio’s breweries on your fingers and toes! Today, 153 licensed breweries produce an estimated 1,097,955 barrels of craft beer annually.   How much money do Ohio brewers spend to purchase hops out-of-state? 
  2. By: Brad Bergefurd, MS, Horticulture Specialist and Extension Educator  


  1. By: Christie Welch, Direct Marketing Specialist    
  2. By: Christie Welch, Direct Marketing Specialist  


  1. By: Hannah Scott, OCDC Program Manager  


  1. Jingqi (Lily) Liu and Heba El Abd have been welcomed as visiting scholars after recently joining the Soil, Water and Bioenergy Program at the OSU South Centers at Piketon. 

  2. Rafiq Islam and Wayne Lewis visited the Peoples Republic of China at the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Heilongjiang and Jiamusi Branches) from July 18 to 29, 2015. Rafiq Islam, the program director for Soil, Water and Bioenergy Resources at OSU South Centers, established an agricultural research, education and extension collaboration with the scientists at the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences – Jiamusi Branch in 2014.