Connections Newsletter : Connections Newsletter Spring Edition 2017


  1. Dr. Hanping Wang, principal scientist and director of aquaculture research and development at Ohio State University South Centers was recently honored by Fisheries Advance Magazine, an aquatic time magazine of China, for his influential activities and significant contributions in establishing an international platform for perch and bass research and development collaboration. This publication is a monthly circulated magazine featuring Chinese and global aquaculture and fisheries news and influential people in aqua-related fields.


  1. By Ryan Mapes, Business Development Network Program Leader and Endeavor Center Manager

    The Endeavor Center continues to operate at near 100% capacity.  We currently have 17 partner companies that occupy 25 office and light industrial bay spaces.  We also have three virtual partners that occupy the building on a part-time basis but do not have a physical office space.  At present time, we have a 200 sq. ft. office and a 400 sq. ft. office available, however in the last 3 weeks, have had three inquiries to lease those spaces.


  1. By Gary Gao, PhD, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor


  1. By Christie Welch, Direct Agricultural Marketing Specialist

    On April 5, 2017 nearly 70 individuals gathered for the Ohio AgritourismReady Conference in Waldo, Ohio.  The attendees where there to learn about Ohio’s new agritourism law, liability management, profitability, adding an activity to an agritourism operation, and more.  The attendees heard from industry experts, extension educators, and agritourism operators. 


  1. By Ivory Harlow, Ohio Cooperative Development Center Program Specialist

    Agricultural cooperatives have demonstrated steady growth and stable financial performance in recent years. They make strong contributions to the U.S. economy and create new employment opportunities for college graduates with degrees in agriculture. In 2015 there were 2,047 agricultural cooperatives in the United States, with a net income of $7 billion dollars and 136,300 full-time employees (USDA, SR79 Agricultural Cooperative Statistics). 


  1. By Vinayak Shedekar, PhD, Soil Research Associate

  2. By Yogendra (Yogi) Raut, PhD, Soil Research Associate

  3. By Rafiq Islam, PhD, Soil Program Director