Connections Newsletter : Connections Newsletter 2016 Summer Edition


  1. By Matthew A. Smith, Aquaculture Extension Specialist 

  2. By Hanping Wang, Senior Research Scientist

    OSU South Centers Aquaculture research team has completed whole genome sequencing of yellow perch and bluegill. These are the first Percidae and Centrarchidae (sunfish) that have been fully sequenced.


  1. By Ryan Mapes, Endeavor Center Manager

    The Endeavor Center continues to have a very successful year. We have been operating at a 100% occupancy rate for 2016. North Wind Construction Services LLC was the latest business to become an Endeavor Center partner. There has been much activity and many visitors through the doors this past quarter, hosting over 80 training or meeting events during the months of April, May and June.


  1. By Gary Gao, Ph.D., Extension Specialist and Associate Professor; Ryan Slaughter, Research Assistant; and Michael Daniels, Formerly Student Intern, OSU South Centers


  1. By Hannah Scott, OCDC Program Manager

    A group of farmers in Preston County, West Virginia is working together to get local food into local schools. The Preston County Growers Co-op recently incorporated as a cooperative business with five member-farms that produce a variety of foods from lettuce to potatoes to eggs and beyond.

  2. By Hannah Scott, OCDC Program Manager


  1. By Dr. Rafiq Islam, Soil, Water and Bioenergy Specialist