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Connections Newsletter: Connections Newsletter 2016 Spring Edition


  1. OSU South Centers Senior Scientist, Dr.

  2. Matthew joined the aquaculture South Centers team as an Extension Aquaculture Specialist in March 2016.  For the last year, Matthew worked in Extension in a fish health laboratory in Lonoke, Arkansas.


  1. By Patrick Dengel, OSU - Rio Grande Collaboration Coordinator/Business Development Specialist  
  2. By Kimberly Roush, Program Assistant   Are you looking for local business development tidbits?  
  3. By Mick Whitt, Manufacturing Business Development Specialist  
  4. By Ryan Mapes, Business Development Program Leader and Endeavor Center Manager  


  1. By Gary Gao, PhD, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor, OSU South Centers  
  2. By Gary Gao, PhD, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor  


  1. By Brad Bergefurd, Extension Educator Horticulture/Agriculture and Natural Resources  


  1. By Christie Welch, Direct Marketing Specialist  


  1. By Rafiq Islam, PhD Soil and Water Specialist and Vinayak Shedekar, Research Associate II