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Dr. Hanping Wang was an invited speaker on aqua genomics/genetics/breeding at National Strategic Planning Workshop

OSU South Centers Senior Scientist, Dr. Hanping Wang, was invited by the USDA Aqua Genomics/Genetics Coordinator to speak on “Genomics, genetics, and breeding programs in the Midwest” at The National Strategic Planning Workshop for Aquaculture Genomics, Genetics and Breeding,” which was held March 24-25, 2016 in Auburn, Alabama. The workshop brought researchers, government officials and industry leaders together to review the current status in aquaculture genomics, genetics, and breeding and discuss existing problems, future goals, gaps, and application of genome-based strategies for breeding. The topics included traditional selective breeding, genome-based breeding strategies such as marker-assisted selection, genome selection, genome editing, and analysis of associations of phenotypes and genotypes.  A strategic whitepaper is being prepared and will be published based on the workshop.