Connections Newsletter : Fall 2018


  1. Effects of Temperature on the Expression of Two Ovarian Differentiation-Related Genes foxl2 and cyp19a1a
    Zhi-Gang Shen, Nour Eissa, Hong Yao, Zhi-Gang Xie, and Han-Ping Wang*

  2. Dr. Hanping Wang’s book “Sex Control in Aquaculture” has been published by Wiley-Blackwell after three years of planning, coordination, writing, and revising. The book consists of two volumes and has a total of 888 pages. 


  1. (Editor’s Note: The following is the latest in a series of feature stories highlighting The Ohio State University South Centers Staff)
    By Bradford Sherman
    CFAES/OSU South Centers

    Change can be one of life’s wonderful blessings, in that it keeps things fresh and exciting.


  1. By Joy Bauman
    Center for Cooperatives Program Coordinator

    Congratulations to CFAES Center for Cooperatives program specialist, Ivory Harlow, who was recently presented with the Ohio State University CFAES Staff Advisory Council Innovation Award. OSU Extension Director Dr. Roger Rennekamp and OSU South Centers Director Dr. Tom Worley made the presentation during the annual CFAES Center for Cooperatives advisory committee meeting.

  2. By Joy Bauman
    Center for Cooperatives Program Coordinator

    The CFAES Center for Cooperatives team has been working with the Agriculture Business Management students at the Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center in Adams County, Ohio to form a student-operated cooperative to manage the school’s 300-acre farm. The farm is a learning laboratory, providing valuable opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience managing and operating a farm. 


  1. Submitted by Ryan Mapes
    Endeavor Center Manager

    The Endeavor Center operated at a 100 percent occupancy rate for most of the year.  During the year we had partners graduate, but were fortunate to have new partners ready to come on board to fill the vacated offices.  
    Partners that have joined the Endeavor Center this year include:  

    State Street Laboratories LLC – SSL operates as an independent diagnostic testing lab and a forensic toxicology testing lab in Piketon and Athens, Ohio.


  1. By Dr. Gary Gao
    Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Specialist OSU South Centers 
    and Ricardo Medina
    Visiting Scholar OSU South Centers and Ph.D. Student, University of São Paulo


  1. By Christie Welch
    Direct Food & Agricultural Marketing Specialist

    A new fact sheet has been published via Ohioline to assist Ohio’s farm/farmers’ markets interested in accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.  SNAP is the federal food assistance program known in Ohio as the Ohio Direction Card. 

  2. By Christie Welch
    Direct Food & Agricultural Marketing Specialist

    Local food producers came together in Brown and Cuyahoga Counties this past month to explore new market channels for their locally produced foods.  Many food producers get in to this enterprise because they really enjoy the production aspects of the business.  However, there are also many local food producers whose knowledge of the various market channels is limited.

  3. By Christie Welch
    Direct Food & Agricultural Marketing Specialist

    If you are a small-scale food producer, there is required documentation you will need to complete in order to be compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This includes documentation of your size exemption as a “qualified facility” and various food safety programs.


  1. Submitted by Brad Bapst
    SBDC Director


  1. By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    Soil, Water, & BioEnergy Program Leader

    The Ohio State University is actively involved in capacity building of the research, education, and Extension activities at the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences-Jiamusi located in the Peoples Republic of China. 

  2. By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    Soil, Water, & BioEnergy Program Leader

    Dr. Rafiq Islam attended and delivered a presentation entitled “Rethinking Agriculture in the 21st Century: Growing Healthy Food with One Health Vision” at the Plenary Session of the Ohio One Health Symposium, which was held at Drake Performance and Event Center on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus on November 1-2.

  3. By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    Soil, Water, & BioEnergy Program Leader

    Dr. Sergiy Lavrenko, an assistant professor with the Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Agronomy at Kherson State Agricultural University in Kherson, Ukraine has completed his two-month fellowship in our Soil, Water, and Bioenergy Resources Program at The Ohio State University. 

  4. By Dr. Tom Worley
    OSU South Centers Director
    and Alan Sundermeier
    Wood County Extension Educator

    Within the framework of the Civilian Research Defense Foundation (CRDF)-funded Ukrainian-US project entitled “Impact of sustainable agricultural management practices on soil quality and crop productivity,” workshops and meetings were organized in Kherson, Ukraine as part of International Field Day “XXI century - Climate-Smart Agriculture.” 

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