Connections Newsletter : Winter 2020 Achievements Edition


  1. By Dr. Hanping Wang
    Program Leader, Aquaculture

    Funded by the USDA and NOAA-Sea Grant, the Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development (OCARD) at The Ohio State University South Centers has developed technology for the production of commercial-scale, fast-growing monosex yellow perch and bluegill — both top aquaculture species in the Midwest and North Central Region. Now, OCARD is transferring these fast-growing monosex fish to the aquaculture industry.

  2. By Dr. Hanping Wang
    Program Leader, Aquaculture 

    The OSU South Centers and the Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development (OCARD), in partnership with the Ohio Aquaculture Association (OAA) and University of Wisconsin–SP (UWSP) and Wisconsin Aquaculture Association (WAA), have successfully completed three years of Aquaculture Boot Camp-2 (ABC-2). 

  3. The aquaculture team at The Ohio State University South Centers published a book and 12 scholarly articles in 2019. The book Sex Control in Aquaculture by Drs. Hanping Wang, Francesc Piferrer, and Song-Lin Chen was published by Wiley & Blackwell. Bradford Sherman, Joy Bauman, Sarah Swanson, and Jordan Maxwell assisted in English editing and chapter coordination. 


  1. By Bradford Sherman
    South Centers/CFAES

    Anna Adams has joined The Ohio State University South Centers staff as a Program Assistant and as part of the front office team.

    Her educational background and experience in the agricultural sector, which includes being the founder and manager of the Adams County Farmers Market as well as assisting her family farm at home, made her an ideal candidate for joining the research and Extension side of South Centers.

  2. (Editor’s Note: The following is the latest in a series of feature stories highlighting Ohio State University South Centers Staff members)
    By Bradford Sherman
    South Centers/CFAES

    As he was preparing to sit down for this interview, Dr. Dan Remley made a conscious decision to pass up the Styrofoam coffee cup in favor of a glass mug.

    “It is kind of a New Year’s goal of mine,” he revealed. “I think we can all do our little part.”


  1. Story and photos by Bradford Sherman
    South Centers/CFAES

    Nestled in the rolling hills of southern Ohio, around an hour and a half drive from The Ohio State University Columbus campus, is a unique gathering place where business-minded people of the predominantly rural community can meet, learn, and even house their start-up.

  2. Noble County Extension Educator Christine Gelley, along with the South Centers video production team of Patrick Dengel, Duane Rigsby, and Sarah Swanson were presented with an award during OSU Annual Conference.

    Gelley and her producers won first place in the video interview category for their video titled Invasive Weeds in a Pasture. Her guest on the May 2019 episode was Guernsey County Extension Educator Clif Little.

    The award was made possible through the recognition program of the Ohio Join Council of Extension Professionals.


  1. By Joy Bauman
    Program Specialist, Center for Cooperatives

    The CFAES Center for Cooperatives staff is excited to have started a new project funded by North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NCR-SARE). 
    The project incorporates teaching sustainable production and marketing using the cooperative model for the student-managed school farm cooperative at the Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center (OVCTC).  


  1. By Brad Bergefurd & Bradford Sherman
    South Centers/CFAES

  2. By Dr. Gary Gao
    Professor and Extension Specialist

    The year 2019, the 25th at The Ohio State University for Dr. Gary Gao, has been a fruitful one for the newly-minted professor and his small fruits program at South Centers in Piketon in the areas of Extension, research, international collaboration, and professional service.

    “Our Extension programs and presentations reached more than 900 people though direct contacts and thousands more through newspaper articles, online videos, and Facebook updates,” said Gao.


  1. By Christie Welch 
    Direct Marketing Program Manager

    Direct Food & Ag Marketing Team focus: 


  1. Voices for Food, a program developed by a multi-state Extension team, provides tools and resources to promote healthy food access and food security. It aims to bring together, empower, and amplify the many voices necessary to improve the food security and well-being of those living within impoverished communities. 

    Now, the program is looking to expand into more counties for 2020, particularly rural communities. Internal funds are available for Extension offices who are interested in implementing Voices for Food.


  1. By Dr. M.A. Rahman
    Post Doc Researcher, South Centers

    Dr. Rafiq Islam, program leader for the Soil, Water, and Bioenergy Resources at The Ohio State University South Centers, was invited on behalf of the Kazakh National Agrarian University to participate in the 4th International AgTech Summit, held December 6 at the main campus of the Kazak National Agrarian University in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. 

  2. By Dr. Rafiq Islam
    SWBR Program Leader

    Dr. Emmanuel Compaore, Head of the Soil Chemistry Division of INERA, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, recently studied at The Ohio State University as a short-term visiting scholar for one month with the Soil, Water and Bioenergy Resources Program. 

    He is one of the leading soil scientists in Burkina Faso. His professional development training was focused on conservation agriculture related to long-term, no-till cropping diversity with cover crops and soil amendments with agroecosystem services. 

  3. By Bradford Sherman
    South Centers/CFAES

    For Dr. Khandakar (Rafiq) Islam, it was a experiment 15 years in the making, and the result was 15 minutes in the taking.

    Fifteen years ago, Islam began developing a soil test kit that was affordable, and so convenient and simple to use that any landowner could use it to make informed decisions concerning soil health and the potential for agricultural productivity — all within just 15 minutes.

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