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Welcome to OSU South Centers, Mick Whitt!

Mick Whitt is the new Manufacturing Business Development Specialist for the MTSBDC. He holds a Machine Trades Certificate from Pickaway-Ross CTC, a Business Management Degree from Ohio Christian University, as well as having nearly 20 years of experience in a variety of manufacturing facilities in production support, quality control, and management.
Prior to Mick’s employment with OSU, he was a Quality Manager at a gray iron foundry that specialized in green sand molding.
Mick’s professional background is in machining where he spent 15 years as a manual machinist, CNC mill operator and programmer, pattern maker, and 5s facilitator before going into quality control and management.
Mick is the newest member of the Business Development Team, and as the Manufacturing Specialist, he will be concentrating on several key areas to assist in developing and improving processes and productivity for small manufacturers: 
•  Lean manufacturing
   time management
   downtime (tracking)
   waste/scrap reduction
   organization (5s = Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)
•  Process Flow
   New buildings, add-ons, new businesses
   Improving flow in existing structures
•  Process and Quality Control
   Quality issues
   Quality controls
   Control standards (setting deviations and standards)
   Work Instructions
•  Working within the SBDC Team
   Connecting businesses with the proper people at OSU South Centers to meet their business needs.