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Endeavor Center accomplishments

By: Ryan Mapes, OSU - Endeavor Center Manager
The OSU Endeavor Center manager and staff of the affiliated programs at the Ohio State University South Centers continually engage community organizations to maintain awareness of changing needs in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop solutions to combat negative impact to the economy while promoting the resources and talents of those in the region.  2015 was once again a successful year for the Ohio State University Endeavor Center, its programs and its partners.   Open since 2005, the 27,000 square foot mixed-used business incubator has come to be recognized as a community leader in economic development, business training, and technological excellence.
Endeavor Center business programs and partners had another successful year.  The technical assistance programs affiliated with or housed within the Endeavor Center include a Small Business Development Center, an International Trade Assistance Center, a Manufacturing and Technology Small Business Development Center, and the Ohio Cooperative Development Center.  All of these programs provide technical expertise and guidance to the small businesses housed in the incubator.  Several partners carried out work on several projects at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion facility.  The facility housed 18 individual businesses which filled 27 office spaces throughout the year and had the center operating at close to 100 percent of its occupancy capability.  In the last five years of operation, The Ohio State University Endeavor Center and its business partners have:
• Created more than 1300, high-skill, high-wage jobs, adding more than 115 million dollars  of direct economic activity to the local community.
• In cooperation with the Small Business Development Center of Ohio, sponsored or conducted 320 business workshops, training sessions and seminars with nearly 5,300 attendees – business owners, prospective entrepreneurs and ambitious employees seeking to improve the profitability of their businesses so they can grow and provide additional employment opportunities in the community.  
A highlight of the year occurred in October when The OSU South Centers and the Endeavor Center hosted a visit from the Michael Drake, President of The Ohio State University, Bruce McPheron, Dean of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmnental Sciences, faculty members, students and BRUTUS BUCKEYE!  The meet and greet lunch included various community leaders and Endeavor Center partners.  The trip showcased many businesses currently housed at the Endeavor Center and/or businesses that have received assistance from one of our business programs.