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Aquaculture Water Quality Workshop Offers Tips to Boost Profitability of Fish Farming (August 6th)

PIKETON, Ohio – Healthy water leads to healthy fish and increases the potential for healthy profits for fish farmers.

On the other hand, poor water quality can lead to stressed fish, increasing the chance for the animals’ illness and death, and resulting in income losses for farmers, says Matthew Smith, an Ohio State University Extension aquaculture specialist.

Water quality management for fish farmers is the subject of an Aug. 6 workshop Smith is holding at the Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development at The Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon. The workshop will focus on the importance of understanding water quality, water chemistry, and identifying water and weed problems applicable to fish farmers in Ohio, Smith said.

“Water chemistry is an important aspect regarding culturing any aquatic animal, with poor water quality being one of the most prevalent reasons fish farmers lose fish,” he said. “We want to prevent that from happening.” (to read more click here)