Local and Regional Food

Local & Regional Food

Interest in local and regional foods has escalated, resulting in development of a variety of local food projects focuses on new production, marketing, research, policies, events, and impacts in communities throughout Ohio.

Overview of local/regional food systems & what’s happening in Ohio

Ohio Farmers' Market Managers formed a new network in 2009.

Local Food Systems focuses on networking local food systems throughout the state and neighboring communities.

Ohio's Food Systems - Farms at the Heart of it All (pdf)

Resources to plan, develop, finance, market, evaluate local food movements

Assess Local Food systems

Promote local food

  • Add your free profile to Ohio MarketMaker
  • Ohio Department of Agriculture attracted a record number of partners through an updated Ohio Proud campaign. View promo
  • Ohio Farm Bureau promotes local foods through an Our Ohio magazine, television show, and website.
  • OEFFA (organic)

Develop value-added foods

Develop local food systems and local food policies

Link local food & culinary tourism

Measure impacts of local food programs (economic, social, environmental) - coming soon

Connect with local, state and national networks

If you are a consumer interested in buying local food or learning to grow, raise, and preserve local food, visit:

If you are a business interested in buying local food, visit Ohio MarketMaker to find local food sources:

  • Convenience & Grocery Stores (small/large)
  • Caterers & Restaurants
  • Government Agencies, Schools & Institutions
  • Distributors
  • Food Banks, cooperatives, etc.

If you are a producer interested in selling local food:

If you are a community leader interested in advancing local food:

If you are an educator or researcher interested in local food:

Listen to local food stories, watch video clips & read case studies

Benefits of developing a local food system include:

  • consumer satisfaction with nutritious and delicious food
  • business profitability & viability
  • local community & economic development
  • environmental impacts from reduced transportation costs
  • social benefits encouraged through building local relationships

Stories form all of these perspectives coming soon

Learn from the Experts:




Volume 1, Issue 1

Link to Ohio Organizations and Programs

Ohio MarketMaker is a web-based resource for all businesses in the food supply chain. The program is part of a national network that connects food producers with food buyers - retailers, grocery stores, processors, caterers, chefs, and other food supply chain contacts.

Various Ohio organizations promote local food and beverages including: