Marketing to Hospitals and Health Care

Hospitals and Health Care

Hospitals and health care facilities recognize the health benefits of eating good food and are increasing their purchasing from local suppliers. Many health care facilities feature local food in their cafeterias where they have some flexibility in pricing.

The first step is to contact the hospital or facility and speak with their food buyer.  Avoid calling around meal times as this is a very busy time in food service. Some hospitals now host farmers' markets or provide CSA drop-off areas so think beyond the cafeteria.

Be sure to provide the buyer with information about all of your products, seasonal availability, volumes, packing and processing, as well as delivery options.


  • May offer a good price point and the opportunity to move volume quickly.
  • Can advertise farm to customers with point of sale materials.
  • Farm may also be able to set up a CSA pick-up site at the hospital or health care facility.
  • Steady markets and consistent order volumes.


  • May be required to carry additional liability insurance or third party food safety certifications.
  • May prefer that farms sell through regional distributors.
  • May be hard to get connected initially with the buyer.
  • May have specific delivery requirements.