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Direct Marketing History

1960~ Ohio Roadside Marketing Conference began


1989~ The Direct Marketing Association of Ohio, Inc. (DAMA) was established with the mission of creating and providing resources to assist direct agricultural; marketers in promoting the industry as a whole and generate ideas to increase their personal goals, business goals, profits, and enthusiasm.


1993~ Gene Cravens Award


2001~ The Dr. M. Eugene Cravens Scholarship Fund was established with gifts from DAMA, the Ohio Potato Growers Association, and alumni and friends who wish to honor Dr. M. Eugene Cravens, Agricultural Economist.  This fund will support undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the college's Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, who are engaged in the study and/or research of fruit and vegetable marketing. The Dr. M. Eugene Cravens Scholarship is fund #310267.


2003~ farmstomarket website launched, (http://www.farmtomarkets.com), for growers to connect with other sellers or with consumers on a wide variety of products, from fruits and vegetables to wines and juices to flowers and plants.


2006~ The Ohio Direct Agricultural Marketing Conference, sponsored by Ohio State University Extension's Direct Marketing Team and the Ohio Direct Agriculture Marketing Association, moved from Toledo to the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio


2007~In January, the memberships of the Ohio Fruit Growers Society, Ohio Vegetable and Potato Growers Association, and Direct Agricultural Marketers Association merged to form Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association. The new organization was formed to streamline the educational and promotional activities of the state's produce grower's and marketers. OPGMA has been designed to aid in providing educational opportunities to business owners, employees, and families associated with the production and marketing of the state's fresh produce industry. Promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables will also be an important goal.


2008~ Ohio MarketMaker launched in Ohio with OSU Extension, Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Department of Agriculture, OGIC,


2010~ MarketReady curriculum

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