Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) has been chosen by the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) to support the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). The MEP program provides easy access to the university researchers, facilities, equipment and students in support of small and medium sized businesses.

The MEP at Ohio State program will focus on providing value-added manufacturing consulting services to manufacturers in Ohio. The initiative will also create and maintain a network of regional support partners assist these companies in the execution of their growth plans. Initial consultations for your business are free thanks to funding from MEP and ODSA funding.

MEP Service Offerings

Strategic Growth Planning

MEP consultants work with your company to develop strategic growth roadmaps to accelerate growth. Work may include competitive analysis, customer discovery, product/market analysis and others.  

New Product Design or Product Innovation

Utilizing the resources at Ohio State centers, the MEP program assists clients with product development, commercialization, engineering design, and innovation of commercial products.

Lean Operational Analysis

Companies which operate efficiently have a competitive advantage over their peers.  MEP consultants will work with your business to identify inefficiencies. Consultants then provide guidance to remedy inefficiencies and recommend resources to enact the change. 

Engineering Services

CDME is the engineering partner for the MEP. Consultants will work with your company to identify engineering needs and scope relevant projects to enable growth. All projects are managed under industry standard phase-gated models. 

Business Operational Support

MEP was founded with a strong, and growing, area of business service providers. MEP consultants work with external partners to assist clients with capital acquisition, legal services, energy analysis, supply chain partnering and a litany of other value adding services. 

Business Development

MEP consultants will assist engaged clients on their business development efforts. This may include grant writing, customer identification, marketing, advertising and other pertinent business development services.

Partnering and Supply Chain Development

Leveraging the relationships of Ohio State, MEP consultants will help develop relevant supply chain and partner identification and engagement.

Student Programs

The MEP program has access to a large and diverse student population available to provide low-cost support for non-critical projects. The projects allow companies to recruit the most talented students.


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