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Ornamental Corn

Ornamental Corn

Objectives(s) of Ornamental Corn research and education:   

This research explores and identifies new ornamental corn cultivar and variety releases and production practices for their suitability, marketability, growth and production characteristics and irrigation management under a typical south central Ohio growing season to enhance this cropping system in Ohio.

Planned Scope of Research:   

Crop performance evaluations were monitored and recorded relative to standard varieties and growing practices at the OSU South Centers research farm and on farm research conducted on cooperating growers farms. At each harvest yield data and crop quality and coloration attributes were observed and recorded.  Plant growth characteristics, insect and disease susceptibility and tolerance were also be monitored and recorded.

Potential outcomes & significance of outcomes:         

These research trials assist with the identification of new cultivars and crop management options that can increase the profitability of Ohio growers. Research began in 1998 and new on farm research projects continue today.

Ornamental Corn varieties include:  Indian Art 101, Indian Art 105, Indian Art 104, Ornamental Flint, Blue Ice, Maidens Rainbow, and Rainbow Brave.



Ornamental Corn Germplasm Evaluations