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Objectives(s) of Pawpaw Research and Education:   

This research explores and identifies new Pawpaw cultivar and variety releases and production practices for their suitability, marketability, growth and production characteristics, grafting, pollination management, insect and disease monitoring and control and irrigation requirements under typical south central Ohio growing season to introduce this cropping system in Ohio. This research and education also includes management of native stands of Pawpaw for profit.

Planned Scope of Research:   

Crop performance evaluations are monitored and recorded relative to standard varieties and growing practices at the OSU South Centers research farm and on farm research conducted on cooperating growers farms. At each harvest yield data and crop quality attributes are observed and recorded.  Plant growth characteristics, insect and disease susceptibility and tolerance, fruit quality attributes and system economics are monitored and recorded.

Potential outcomes & significance of outcomes:         

These research trials assist with the identification of new cultivars and crop management options that can increase the profitability of Ohio growers and introduce Pawpaw production as an option for Ohio farms. Research began in 2006 and on farm research projects continue today.


PawPaw varieties include: Wells, Mango, SAB Overleese, PAG #1, Sunflower, NC-1



2018 Field Report

2019 Final Pawpaw Report: Marketing and Orchard Resource Efficiency for Ohio Pawpaw

Variation in Pawpaw Productivity and Fruit Quality Among Cultivars and Orchards in Ohio


Production Information    

Pawpaw Fruit Drop/Thinning

Learning Modules

Does $$$ grow on trees? Woodland pawpaw production

Pawpaws in Ohio

Pawpaw 2019 and forward

Pawpaw orchard establishment in Ohio

Pawpaw patch management as a tool to facilitate woodland restoration: effect of forest structure on fruit yield

Perfecting pawpaw production in Ohio quantity and quality

Pawpaw variation across Ohio

Understanding the dynamics of wild pawpaw fruit production in relation to forest and soil structure

Variation in pawpaw cultivar productivity and quality across a biogeographic gradient in Ohio

Variation of pawpaw yield and quality across Ohio

What cultivars and management techniques produce the most consistent and highest quality pawpaw fruit?


Diet and Health

Ohio's pawpaw is a nutrition and landscaping gem (article by Cincinnati Food Examiner)
Nutritional Information from Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program