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Ohio’s alcohol industry is booming! The Ohio Department of Liquor Control handed out more alcohol-manufacturing permits in the first six months of 2011 than it did all of 2010, a trend continuing in 2012. Currently Ohio beer manufacturers send an estimated $4 million in hops purchases and related jobs out of Ohio by purchasing the flowers of the hop plant, called hop cones or “hops” from out of state.

Based on the increased interest in buying locally grown and produced items, this is an excellent opportunity for The Ohio State University to expand specialty crops research to include hop production.

Hops are a main ingredient in beer manufacturing, providing a bitterness that balances the sweetness of the malt sugars and a refreshing finish.  

OSU is committed to developing a well-respected hop research program focused on both production and marketing. This will allow us to develop sustainable production practices directly related to Ohio growing conditions. 

Data collected from applied research trials will allow us to educate growers about production, pest management practices, and phenology data. Hop growers will also learn how to develop good marketing and production plans for their hops production.

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Hops varieties include:  Cascade, Nugget, Williamette, Columbus, Sterling, Galena, Mounthood, Hallertauer Tradition, and Splatter Select.