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2015 High Tunnel Training

2015 High Tunnel Training Resources | Ohio State University South Centers, Piketon, Ohio





Workshop Presentations:

Agricultural Water Quality and Testing Workshop: Connecting Produce Growers in Ohio with Water Testing Laboratories (Sanja Ilic, PhD College of Human Sciences Human Nutrition and Lindsey Hoover, OARDC)

Aquaponics: The Ohio Experience (Laura Tiu, PhD, Aquaculture Specialist OSU)

Disease Control in High Tunnels (Fulya Baysal-Gurel and Sally A. Miller, Department of Plant Pathology OSU)

Food and Drug Administration and Food Safety Modernization Act (Lindsey Hoover, OARDC)

Identifying and Controlling Insects in the High Tunnels (Luis Canas, PhD, Entomology OSU)

Identification and Management of Natural Enemies: Biological Insect Control (Chelsea Smith, Department of Entomology OSU)