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Disease Forecasting

Disease Forecasting

Objectives(s) of Insect, Disease & Environmental Forecasting System Research and Education:   

This research and education program provides early regional detection of newly emerging invasive pest & disease organisms and environmental induce crop physiological disorders. Pests include Downy Mildew of cucurbits, grapes, basil and hops; Powdery Mildew of cucurbits, grapes and hops; Late Blight of Tomato and Potato; Brown Marmorated Stink Bug; Spotted Wing Drosophila and cucumber beetle.  Results explore and identify new Integrated Pest Management strategies for Ohio growers.

Planned Scope of Research:   

Crop Sentinel plots include plantings at the OSU South Centers research farm and on farm research conducted on cooperating growers farms. This research is a part of a multi-state, regional and national network of cooperators for  rapid communication of the occurrence of identified newly emerging invasive pest and disease and environmental induced crop disorders throughout Ohio.

Potential outcomes & significance of outcomes:         

This research and education program assesses the spatial and temporal development of other disease, insect and environmentally induced fruit and vegetable crop disorders in Ohio.  Research began in 1996 with the TOMCAST disease forecasting system and continues today with forecasting systems monitoring at the OSU South Centers and on farm research and monitoring sites today.