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The Economics of Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Economics of Aquaculture and AquaponicsThe OAA presents Drs. Carole R. Engle and Jonathan van Senten, aquaculture economists, for the 2017 Summer Workshop on aquaculture and aquaponic economics and marketing. There will be a variety of topics and will include PowerPoint presentations, Q & A opportunities, and group exercises. Dr. van Senten will also discuss Ohio’s baitfish and sportfish industry regulatory costs of compliance. Between Carole and Jonathan, they have devoted over 45 years to the aquaculture industry. They both also have extensive experience developing and coordinating aquaculture economics workshops for farmers. Whether you’re interested in developing an economically sound business, need more experience in managing the day to day business, or just need to learn how to conduct an annual checkup for your farm’s financial health, there’s something for everyone.

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