Boston Government Services

Our objective is to deliver support and services that not only meet our client’s needs, but deliver value that truly makes a difference for our clients. We begin with an understanding of the requirements and practices in the federal sector developed through years of senior technical and executive level experience. We align with our client’s goals, objectives, and expectations so that our services and support contribute directly to our client’s success.BGS business practices are grounded in integrity, quality, and commitment to our clients, our people, and our partners. We operate on the principle that “Client Satisfaction is our First Measure of Success”.

BGS was established in 2007 to provide support and services tuned for the federal sector. We help government clients improve management control and mission performance. We help contractors and commercial clients improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and improve business/project performance. BGS professionals have senior level experience in complex, secure, and highly regulated environments. We leverage this experience and understanding to deliver services and support tailored to each client’s needs.

Today, BGS provides Mission Support for federal programs and facilities. Our three core business lines are key support functions needed to enable the missions of government programs and to support government facilities: 

  • Information Management
  • Project Controls and Project Support
  • Technical Support

We are especially effective when we can provide support and solutions that cut across and integrate several functional areas. For example, we have updated Transportation Management Systems for the U.S. Department of Energy. BGS provided expertise in transportation and packaging; information management; and project management to update expert systems and to integrate legacy business systems in DOE’s first cloud-based enterprise solution. This first of a kind integrated solution supports mission performance and allows substantial cost savings for the client. We provide similar cross-cutting solutions in other areas, including Emergency Management, Safeguards and Security, and Records Management. 

Our operating philosophy rests on five pillars: (1) An unyielding commitment to quality; (2) Integrity in all we do; (3) Delivering value for our clients (client satisfaction is our first measure of success); (4) Safe, secure, and environmentally responsible operations, and (5) Opportunities for employees and respect for all.

BGS received SBA 8(a) Certification on May 12, 2011.