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Duane Rigsby

Duane Rigsby
Systems Developer/Engineer
1864 Shyville Road, Piketon, Ohio 45661
Phone Extension: 

2010 Distinguished Staff Award Winner

When others are ready to throw their computers out the window because of technology problems, Duane Rigsby is the calm in the binary storm. An original employee when the OSU South Centers opened in Piketon in 1991, Rigsby has the day-to-day duties of maintaining the information technology for not only university staff but also the 19 businesses the center serves through its OSU Endeavor Center.

Rigsby’s expertise, which includes solving practically any issue put in front of him, and his ability to enhance his customers’ service capabilities through technology has won him admiration at every level.

“Duane goes far beyond the bounds of his current role on many occasions,” one nominator wrote. “He does anything and everything to make all of us successful regardless of whether a problem or issue is in his area of responsibility or not.”

Rigsby also gives his fellow employees unfettered access, often opening his nights and weekends to work-related calls. And as one nominator noted, Rigsby has even been known to make house calls when employees’ personal computers crash unexpectedly.

The fact Rigsby is mostly self-taught is not lost on those who work with him.

“He constantly upgrades his skills through short courses and is always ready to present new technology options as they emerge,” the nominator wrote. “In addition, Duane stays on the cutting edge of technology developments and makes us aware of where things are heading.”

Above all, Rigsby is easy to get along with and creates a harmonious work atmosphere.

“In his ability to talk and interact with a wide variety of people regardless of their level of expertise, Duane has a way of making them feel comfortable and understood,” another nominator wrote. “And although he is one of the busiest people I know, he makes each person feel like he has plenty of time to assist them.”