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Dr. Islam presents information for a field day in Ukraine

Dr. Islam presenting via Zoom

Recently Dr. Islam, Soil, Water, and Bioenergy Resources Program Director, gave a talk via Zoom at a field day in Ukraine. We have attached a few pictures and the translated post from the Science, Technology, and Engineering College to learn more about the field day:

More than 50 participants from different regions of Ukraine visited on August 18, 2021 on the Day of Field ′′Agricultural Cultures for No-Till in the Dry Steppe Zone", held at the basis of the State DP ′′ Great Klini ′′ IVPIM NAAN in Kherson region. The organizers and partners of the event opened the day of the field. With the opening speech: acting director of the NAAN IMPIM Mikhail Romashchenko, head of the Department of Agriculture Development and Irrigation of the Kherson Regional State Administration Margarita Stepanova, head of the plant production department of the Department of agrarian politics Sergey Dancer, expert on the implementation of No-Till, farmer Andriy Shchedrinov. 

The event program provided a practical and theoretical part: in the morning they visited demonstration grounds, and in the afternoon they presented the theoretical portion.

The practical part started with a field demonstration, where in the rich conditions in the Steppe Dry area on an area of 50 hectares after winter barley this year grow buckwheat and wait for a pretty good harvest. After visiting a testing site to study water and nutritious modes of the garden for growing corn and combining different irrigation methods (drop irrigation and drop irrigation) for various technologies (traditional technologies and No-Till) in the area of 21 huh and polygon for growing various hybrids of Mais corn and testing BAST microfertilizer (Krona LLC) and Intermag (ZnamagroGroup) under god conditions on an area of 41 hectares.

During the theoretical part, there was an interest to listen to questions about farming in conditions of climate change from Mikhail Romashchenko; Nikolai Kosolap emphasized on preserving farming; evaluated practical results on growing agricultural crops for No-Till on the example of two experimental polygons on the basis of Askanian DSDS IZZ NAAN and DP ′′ DG ′′ Big Klini ′′ IVPIM NAAN from Natalia Didenko; Tatiana Sipko told about nourishing corn with microfertilizer BAST for No-Till in the arid conditions of the south. 

During the discussion of the raised issues on the Day of the Field to the event, expert on No-Till technology, protection and water management,  Dr. Rafiq Islam, program director of the department of water, soil, and bioenergy resources of Ohio State University, USA.

Images from Ukraine Field Day