Farmer delivering produce to chef


Ohio producers sell to a variety of people, including selling directly to consumers and to wholesale buyers. 

Marketing is everything from a customers’ point of view (Drucker, 1954).

This section of the Ohio Direct Marketing website prepares producers to better understand how various customers think about purchasing food and agriculture products.

Relationship Marketing

The focus of marketing has shifted from a transactional marketing approach to a relationship marketing approach (Ambler, 2004; Christopher, Payne, & Ballantyne, 1991).  Relationship marketing is a strategy that involves all activities of a business to build, maintain, and develop customer relations.

Market Analysis - Niche & Target Marketing

To explore and map your market, visit Ohio MarketMaker for free access to a market research toll that includes census data, food consumption data, business listings, and more.

Evaluating Marketing Channels

Evaluating various marketing channels can be a challenge when there is so much emerging opportunity with direct to consumer and direct to wholesale buyers.  In January 2014, a presentation will be recorded and added to this site, along with a worksheet to guide producers through the decision making process.