Direct Marketing

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    Ohio producers sell to a variety of people, including selling directly to consumers and to wholesale buyers. 

    Marketing is everything from a customers’ point of view (Drucker, 1954).

    This section of the Ohio Direct Marketing website prepares producers to better understand how various customers think about purchasing food and agriculture products.

    Relationship Marketing

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    Ohio producers sell products through many distibution systems. For example, wholesale deliveries and direct-to-consumer channels such as  on and off-farm retail markets, farmers' markets, Community Supported Agiculture (CSA), and Internet sales.  Effective distribution can become a marketing advantage.

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    A Marketing Plan

    Developing a written marketing plan usually begins with a situation analysis (Cooper, 2000), and determining how to manage resources and risks. If you're looking for financing, most potential funders wish to see a complete business plan (Mason & Stark, 2004). Other good reasons to create a plan include giving your business a competitive advantage by being prepared for contingencies (Honig, 2004).

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    An increasing demand for a variety of Ohio food and agriculture products provides opportunities for producers. Producers add value through:

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    Unique characteristics make Ohio an attractive place to "Go Direct"

    Ohio is rich in diversity with a lakefront region to the north; rural Appalachian and Amish communities; and dynamic metropolitan areas throughout the state.

    Ohio has a unique proximity of metropolitan and micropolitan areas, which presents unique opportunities for rural-urban interaction.

    According to the Census of Agriculture (2015), Ohio ranks in the top ten states for direct-to-consumer food marketing sales.

Whether you are in the exploration stage or ready to grow an existing venture, this website provides the connections you need for your business. The Ohio Direct Marketing Team brings you easy access to direct marketing resources thanks to the contributions of numerous collaborators . Great things are happening in Ohio. Be a part of Ohio's # 1 industry - food and agriculture.