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Nutrition & Feed

Nutrition and Feed

The world's population is expected to grow from today's 7.1 billion to about 8.2 billion by 2030. Feeding all of these people and eliminating hunger will require advances in feed and food production. Aquaculture is one tool that provides a high-quality, inexpensive, and healthy source of animal protein. Aquaculture holds great promise for alleviating hunger and poverty. Overall, our main focus is to develop nutritionally balanced, environmentally sound and cost-effective feed for commercial fish, which could lead to enhance fish production without compromising the health and quality of fish.

Research interests and focuses:

  •  Alternative protein source for aqua-feed.
  •  Processed soybean protein concentrate as a fish meal replacer in fish diet.
  •  Phenotypic and heritability relationship with residual feed intake and body weight.
  •  Identify and validate the metabolic modulation during starvation and re-feeding periods.
  •  Improve nutritional quality and ω-3 fatty acids of fish.