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Genetics & Genomics

Genetics and Genomics

Aquaculture is far behind from the terrestrial agricultural species in the application of modern selection procedures and limited information is known about the genetic basis for different economically important traits in aquaculture. Improved methods and procedures of selective breeding, including genomic information for aquaculture, will not only help to reach the production goal but also to reduce production cost, improve disease resistance, improve utilization of feed resources, and improve product quality. The identification of novel markers, QTL, and genes associated with traits of interest provide tools to improve traits in the desired direction.

Research interests and focuses:

  •  SNPs discovery  
  •  Genetic diversity
  •  Linkage mapping
  •  QTL mapping
  •  Functional genomics
  •  Genomic composition
  •  Population genetics
  •  Genetic resource analysis
  •  Identification and cloning of important genes
  •  Genotype by environment interaction
  •  Sex determination mechanism