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Aquaculture Genetics Laboratory

Alab1.jpgThe Aquaculture Genetics research Laboratory consists of 1,250 square feet of lab space located in rooms 115 and 161 in OSU South Center main building.  Instrumentation for high throughput sample preparation and genetic/genomics and physiological analysis are available.  The facility performs all standard genotyping and sequencing analyses,  gene (and protein) functional analyses, and physiological analyses related to breeding and reproduction in aquatic animals. 


Standard equipment includes such items as ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer, GenePix® 4400A High-Resolution Microarray Scanner, ABI 7500 Real time PCR system, eppendorf epMotion M5073 Liquid Handling Workstation, AirClean 6000 worksation, ThermoEC DNA Sequencing System, BioRad Gel Doc EZ Imager system, BioRad ND-1000 and PTC-200 DNA engine thermal cyclers, high throughput horizontal electrophoresis chambers and vertical electrophoresis chambers with chillers and powerpacks, UV Photo system, Olympus and EVOS XL core microscope imager systems, eppendorf electronic repeating pipetters, Mettler Toledo balance, Bullet Blender Gold Homogenizer, Dry and water Bath Incubators, Boekel Digital shake Incubator, eppendorf MixMate Vortex, Fisher Touch Mixer, IEC MultiRF & Multispeed Bench top Centrifuges, Millipore Rios water purification system, Fisher Isotemp Refrigerator, NanoDrop Spectrophotometer, BioTek Epoch microplate Spectrophotometer, -20 and -80°C freezers.

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Gel system PCR system
M5073 microscope