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Aquaculture Research Center

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Hatchery: 3,000 sq. ft. hatchery is supplied with ground well water, and has additional pond water supply lines to control temperatures. The hatchery houses fifty-four 55L tanks with flow-through water and temperature-controlling system. The thirty 3-ft tank systems and sixty-four 12" small tank research systems with flow-through well, pond water and temperature controlling system can be available for use to the different stage of incubation, hatching and rearing of experimental fish. The hatchery also houses a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), and four isolation rooms, each having two 3-ft tanks with temperature and photoperiod controlling systems.


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Broodfish building: A 5,400 sq. ft. new broodfish building houses sixty 6-diameter tanks that can be used for maintaining and rearing broodfish for different aquaculture species. 



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Greenhouse and outdoor tanks: A 90-foot greenhouse, supplied with well water, holds twelve 10’-diameter tanks, with total gallon capacity of over 30,000 gallons that can be used for growing-out and broodfish rearing for aquaculture projects. Outdoor tank system with ten additional 10’-diameter tanks, and twenty 6’-7’-diameter tanks can be used for mid-scale growth performance test for different aquaculture projects.


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Ponds facility: OCARD has three 0.5-1 acre ponds, 12 quarter-acre ponds, and a 5-acre reservoir. All ponds are equipped with electrical service, and have ½ to 1 horsepower aerators. The pond facility can be used for fertilization, fry nursery, and pond tests for aquaculture projects.