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Aquaculture/Aquaponics Boot Camp (ABC) with "3-I" levels training model proves extremely successful in Ohio and Wisconsin. We plan to extend this model to the Appalachia and Midwest and enhance sustainability of limited-resource new aquafarmers in this region through delivery of the newly funded ABC-3 program.

Apply to be a part of ABC-3

Fill out an online application
Download a fillable PDF

It is reccomended you use the online application. If you complete the fillable PDF instead, complete the application and save it to your computer or mobile device. Then either attach the completed application to an email to Bridget Robertson ( or to mail it to:

The Ohio State University South Centers
1864 Shyville Road
Piketon, OH 45661

The long-term goal of the ABC-3 program is to utilize "3-I" levels (Intensive, Intermediate, Introductory), 3 areas (aquaponics, aquaculture, and related business and marketing) and 3 types (hands-on, classroom/mentoring, and internet/webinar) of integrated training and multi-faceted approach, paired with mentoring of industry professionals and previous aquaculture bootcamp participants, to enhance the sustainability of limited-resource new and beginning aqua-farmers and to assist them to overcome post-COVID-19 challenges in the Appalachian region. This will be accomplished through the development and delivery of a multi-phase program in which new and limited-resource aquaponic/aquaculture farmers with different knowledge levels gain classroom and hands-on individual and group training. The training will include new skills and innovations required to own and operate an aquaponic farm sustainably and successfully. The specific goals of the project will be achieved through partnerships and collaborations of three nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs), as well as five aquaponics/aquaculture farms and three universities, led by The Ohio State University.

Selection Process

The following will be considered in selecting recruits:

  1. Internet access, land, a pilot aquaponics/aquaculture operation, years in production, previous workshops attended, and capital available.
  2. Interest and willingness of the recruit to commit the necessary time, energy, and finances to the program.
  3. Ability to participate meaningfully in academic seminars, outside reading, written assignments, and through self-expression.
  4. The applicant will support and abide by all policies, rules and regulations of the ABC-3 program.