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Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Develpment (OCARD), in collaboration with business team and horticulture team, at OSU South Centers, and in partnership with Ohio Aquaculture Associatiron (OAA), University of Wisconsin – SP, have successfully completed the ABC-2 Program. ABC-2 offerred new and innovative hands-on teaching techniques and topics that were developed following results and feedback from ABC-1. A key addition to ABC-2 was the inclusion of aquaponics. This expansion was a direct result of strong interest from Ohio and the North Central Region. Through the program, participants have gained the knowledge and hands-on experience to successfully operate a sustainable aquaculture or aquaponics business. Many ABC-2 graduates have started new aquafarmes. OCARD looks forward to seeing further expansion of aquaculture and aquaponics as a result of this program.