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Four major program areas at the South Centers

Luke Lawrence, Student at the University of Rio Grande, will be interviewing Dr. Worley, Director, regarding the four (4) major program areas at The Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon, Ohio on March 18, 2015 at 3:00 pm. Dr. Worley will spotlight, the Research and Educational Programs that include: Horticulture, Aquaculture. Business Development Network, and Soil, Water and BioEngery.




Strictly Business: Ohio Cooperative Development Program

Brad Bapst and Mike Thompson discuss the Ohio Cooperative Development Program with OSU South Centers’ Program Manager, Hannah Scott. The Ohio Cooperative Development Center (OCDC) supports improving economic conditions through the development of all types of cooperative and "cooperative like" groups.




Agri-Talk: Strawberry Production

TIS’ the SEASON of Strawberries and Brad Bergefurd, OSU South Centers, Horticulture Specialist and Educator ,will discuss proper procedures in planting, caring and harvesting of delicious strawberries.





Strictly Business: International Trade Assistance Center

Ryan Mapes and Mike Thompson welcome Melissa Carter, International Trade Assistance Director on the upcoming Show at 2:00 pm Wednesday February 25, 2015. Some of the questions Melissa will discuss include:

What is the International Trade Assistance Center
Can any industry export?
How do you reach businesses?
How can you help those businesses who are looking to start exporting?
How can you help businesses who have already exported their products for many years?
Are their grants available to export?
Are there any other opportunities for businesses looking to expand their exporting?
What advice would you give a business that is looking to export?
How can a business get a hold of you?




Agri-Talk: Soil Conservation and BioEnergy Program

Kimberly Roush and Mike Thompson will feature Emily Weaks, Research Assistant with The Ohio State University South Centers on February 18, 2015 at 2:00 pm. Emily will give an overview of the different educational research programs with the Soil Conservation and Bio-Energy programs at OSU South Centers. Some of the research covered will be: Research Activities:

Soil & Water Quality, Offer occasional workshops and purchase of Soil Quality Field Test Kit, FGD (Gypsum) – Plant continuous soybeans, Battelle phosphorus study, Native Warm Season Perennial Grass Bioenergy, Miscanthus Research




Agri-Talk: Hops Production

Mike Thompson, Kim Roush, and Duane Rigsby will feature Charissa McGlothin, Horticulture Program Assistant with The Ohio State University South Centers.